Our Steps

  • 1


    First, we plan and prepare where and how we will cut the forests strategically.

  • 2


    We take our equipment to the appropriate location, and begin to cut the needed area.

  • 3


    After we cut everything, we move in our other equipment which allows us to clear all the trees we have cut.


Primarily, you and your crews were extremely atttentive to the difficult and often complicated construction safety and environmental protection requirements as well as the project schedule constraints and M&NP's commitments to property owners, communites, and provincial and federal regulators.

Ralph Mayer

We found them to be very professional and competent. R.Maclean Forestry Ltd. was the recipient of our annual outstanding contractor award in 2002 (called the "High Stump Award"). This award is given to the contractor that scores the highest in four categories. Safety, Environment, Schedule, and Contract Specifications. R. Maclean Forestry is a very capable company and we wouldn't hesitate to work with them in the future.

Rick Doucett


Our vision is to coordinate Atlantic Canadian expertise to provide world class right-of-way clearing services for the Labrador-Island Transmission Link.


Our mission is to:

  • Fully adhere to all safety and enviromental regulations.
  • Complete all work on schedule in a professional manner.
  • Ensure that the project benefits local populations in terms of job creation and skill development
  • Maintain fiscal accountability and open lines of communication at all times.
  • Ensure that all cultural differences are respected.